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Shitty mgmt checklist: Open ended questions

Anything that is too open-ended is generally bad feedback.

Ragebuilding a startup to success

Rage-building a startup to success is a thing and it is undoubtedly the best and most guranteed way to start building.

Becoming a startup millionaire

The successful exit startup rulebook. Creating a startup based on a feature of a big software.

On corporate memes

Corporate memes are either not funny or can’t risk offending someone

Made a grammar checker script with ChatGPT powered by - Go and Autohotkey

Grammarly still sucks. And Go…. when you don’t want to rewrite things in Rust. This is a part 2 of an another blog.

DIYing a grammar checker with ChatGPT - Part 1

Because Grammarly is just terrible even the pro version. Toolstack - Powershell and Autohotkey.

Learning with ChatGPT: a 'Hello World' executable in Nim, Go and Rust

The big 3 cool languages for making binary executables. Learning in the wrong way with ChatGPT.

'Just use HTML+CSS, dummy' - Dummy

Minimalism for the sake of minimalism is an agenda.

Business programming hybrid roles: The best of both world

Any role that has a direct business goal that doesn’t involve full time programming to build the product.

From zero to `deno compile` then back to zero

Do I still hate Javascript? And yes, Deno is still Javascript don’t let anyone fool ya.