Rage-building a startup to success is a thing and it is undoubtedly the best and most guranteed way to start building.

We use a SAAS tool at work that doesn’t work. It is annoying, buggy, and unreliable. I have reached out to their support a few times, but the product is just crap and support can do nothing beyond “I have let our engineers know”.

There is no connection between product development, UX, engineering, customer feedback or anything else. The company heavily focuses on enterprise sales, and nobody cares about the product. Their team talks about industry trends and value proposition, but the product is borderline unusable. Their company is invested in list articles for SEO and interviews about tech-shit disruption.

From an outside perspective, it almost feels like they have a monopoly over the industry and their entire strategy is focused on enterprise sales and reselling through consultants and agencies. Nobody actually cares about the product. It is a game of slipping in a SAAS product on payroll of a massive company.

I have gone back and forth with their support, reached out to their PM, and even have emailed the CEO. I sent them a document listing my grievances, but I have received no response.

Initially, I thought why not create a UX based on their API. However, their API is locked. Then, I considered reverse engineering the website to build my own DIY API. But then I realized… why? Why not just build an entirely new and improved version of their product that is actually usable and approachable? So, that’s what I am doing this weekend.