Corporate memes are either not funny or can’t risk offending someone

Acceptable corporate memes per guidelines 118b-1a-c form

The problem lies in the definition of funny things - they are funny because they make fun of something. Merely using a meme template to praise your company does not qualify as a meme; it is just sloppy marketing. Also cringe is lowest form of humor and presentation memes…. don’t get me started on them.

Nowadays, businesses have a wide variety of stakeholders, and it is not a good idea to make fun of anything because you don’t know who you might offend. The attitude of “dabbing” on the legacy providers, solutions and competitor via “shitposting” works until you start to collect that first dime in revenue. Insulting someone’s existing solutions can do more harm by alienating your existing userbase or worse potential customers.

So, in this case, the convenient and simple path is to avoid making corporate memes. I do believe “meme-ing into relevancy is a thing”, but most of the time you are going to meme your company or career into jeopardy.

I used chatGPT grammar checker to tone this blog post to be corporate friendly.